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New Products For August

Wayfarer RB2140F 11772K Asian Fit 52mm
Wayfarer RB2140F 11912X Asian Fit 52mm
RB2180 Highstreet 601/71 49mm
RB2180 Highstreet 616613 49mm
RB2180 Highstreet 710/73 49mm
RB4147 Highstreet 710/57 60mm
RB4147 Highstreet 601/32 60mm
RB4147 Highstreet 603971 60mm
RB4147 Highstreet 609585 56mm
RB4147 Highstreet 61328G 56mm
RB4147 Highstreet 613713 56mm
RB4147 Highstreet 617187 56mm

Monthly Specials For August

RB3509 004/13 63mm
RB3523 112/2Y 59mm
RB3509 004/71 66mm
RB3522 001/13 61mm
RB3509 004/9A Polarized 63mm
RB3522 004/71 61mm